Dina Lahlou

Executive Coach, Growth & Transformation

Dina is an executive coach in growth & transformation with an expertise in mental health & wellbeing. She brings her skills to corporations looking to deploy health and wellbeing programs for their teams. In parallel, she accompanies their executives in burnout prevention and help them bring self-awareness to their on-going transformation and growth.

She started her career in the United States in 1996 in the field of teaching and academic counseling then moved to Amman Jordan in 2000.Throughout her path, she was a journalist all the while teaching and studying counseling until she started practicing in a mental health clinic in 2006 as a psychotherapist. She developed empowerment programs and seminars in self-leadership for institutions, government and corporations.

She consulted for the Ministry of Labor in Jordan and other government programs on ethics and self-empowerment for women and youth.

Upon her move to Morocco in 2012, she decided to further her
knowledge in the field of Corporate Wellbeing and became a teacher of meditation and a practitioner in Ayurvedic health.

She coached and taught hundreds of people in Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, France and Morocco helping her clients grow; transform into the person they choose to be, making them develop a higher sense of purpose, wellbeing and balance.

Dina holds a Masters’ degree from Boston University in International Relations (1995) and a Certificate in Holistic Studies (MNSHS, 2006).
She is a certified Chopra University instructor in Primordial
Sound Meditation (Chopra Center University, 2013) and in Ayurvedic Lifestyle and wellbeing (Chopra Center University, 2014).