Deborah MUTUND

TV Host, Canal +

Déborah Mutund is an eminent media personality in Africa, renowned as the host of the prestigious show The Women’s Choir and the master of ceremonies at several prominent international events. She is also the founder of D. Agency, a company specialized in communication strategy consulting and public relations, serving clients in both the public and private sectors.

In parallel with her career in media and communication, Déborah is an active figure in the world of fashion and beauty, where she is recognized as a plus-size beauty icon in Africa. As a body-positive model and actress in television series, she has been dedicated for many years to promoting women’s leadership and empowerment, which has earned her the title of Ambassador for Jeune Afrique’s “Women Working For Change” program.

Déborah Mutund’s passionate commitment to women’s empowerment and her positive impact on society make her an influential and inspiring figure in Africa and beyond.