Dr. Yasmine Fechkeur

CEO, Fechkeur Laboratory

Dr. Yasmina Fechkeur is the founder and the CEO of Fechkeur Laboratory (medical and biological analysis laboratory) and shareholderof the RedMed Group, a family business that provides integrated logistic solutions to the Energy sectorin Algeria.

With over 25 years of experience in senior positions in the science sector, pharmaceuticals, medical biology and lab operations, Dr. Fechkeur is a strategic thinker and with an extensive experience of living and working on multiple continents, she brings a unique international perspective to her work. She tookpride in the Fechkeur laboratory to be the 1st ISO 15189 accredited laboratory in Algeria and the 2nd in North Africa, when founded. Values-driven, she focuses on healthcare business development with projects whose priority is the access to quality healthcare to the populations.

Well aware of the crucial role of women in the economic and social development, Dr. Fechkeur’s ambition is to be able to contribute to the reflections and work undertaken by think-tanks, organizations and associations in order to share her vision and proposals on gender diversity. Passionate about female engagement in business, she joined Tharawat Family business Forum in 2017, an organization dedicated to the growth of family businesses in the MENA region, where she actively contributes to the sustainability and innovation of the region family businesses with focus on women in family businesses and positive female empowerment.

Dr. Fechkeur holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy, a specialized diploma in Medical Biologyand a Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Quality Biology, and a Master degree in Internal Auditing. She is a mother of three children.