Mustafa Rawji

CEO, Rawbank

Mustafa Rawji studied at Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts from where he obtained a Master’s degree in finance. He had his first professional experiences at Calyon Bank in Geneva, Switzerland, followed by Crédit Agricole in Paris, France.

In 2002, he participated in the creation of Rawbank. Two years later, he took the initiative to acquire additional international banking experience and joined HSBC in Dubai, where he worked for five years as a sales executive in the Corporate, Investment & Merchant Banking department.

In September 2009, he joined Rawbank as Deputy Secretary General. He also served as Chairman of the Credit Committee, a role he assumes until this day.
In 2013, he successively held the positions of Director of Strategic Development and Vice-president of the Management Committee.

In July 2015, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director in charge of support and infrastructure. Since May 2020, he has assumed the position of CEO.